The sport of Futsal is the only officially approved form of indoor soccer by FIFA (governing body of soccer worldwide).  Besides being fun, developing the technical skills of players is one of the many benefits Futsal has to offer.  Futsal helps athletes stay conditioned and sharp while maintaining an enthusiastic soccer atmosphere year round.  With this fast paced, skill developing enviroment in the “off season”; the respective outdoor leagues have experienced increases in enrollment (especially in the older youth age groups), improved quality of play (from recreational to competitive) and improved communications (between the recreational and competitive programs).

Futsal is one of the fastest growing indoor sports today.  Futsal is a game which untilizes a low bounce ball within the boundaries of a standard US basketball court.  Enhanced ball handling / passing skills are developed with just 5 players per side (of which one is the goalkeeper).  This is excellent training for goalkeepers because many more shots on goal are taken in a Futsal game.